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The Hot Dog Guys | Victoria Bc

A Cut Above The Rest

The Hot Dog Guys know a thing or two about tasty meats. Only the best quality, most flavourful beef dogs are cooked on our grill. Selected for their premium ingredients, high standards for preparation, and outstanding full flavour, we only use the best hot dogs for our customers and we will never compromise.


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The Hot Dog Guys can be booked for private events, weddings, concerts, corporate gatherings, or any place hot dogs are needed.  Let us know how we can make your event perfect with hot dogs.

Tillicum Mall 

Store Hours

Mon -Wed: 10 – 6pm
Thurs – Fri: 10 – 7pm
Sat: 10 – 6pm
Sun: 11 – 5pm

Hiring all positions

Apply with resume, include references, highlight your experience. Competitive pay, great team, must have Food Safe Level 1.  

Expanded Mall Menu

100% Fresh Daily

Our Cart Menu

 Nothing but the finest gluten free hot dogs and fresh brewed coffee

All Beef Classic Hot Dog

Grilled all beef hot dog, toasted white bun, diced onions, mustard, green relish, ketchup. 


Cheese Smokie with Cheese

Large traditional cheese smokie dog, toasted white bun, topped with cheddar cheese sauce.


Cart Premium Veggie Dog

Grilled all veggie hotdog, toasted white bun, grilled onions and green relish. 


Make it with Chili

Rich and tasty chili. Beans, peppers, tomato, spices and ground beef – add it to your dog


Extra Toppings

Grilled onions, cheddar cheese sauce, banana peppers, jalapenos, bacon and more…

$0.75 – $1.50

Gluten Free Bun

Available for hot dogs


Make it a combo 

Add a bag of chips and your choice of: can of pop, bottle of water or medium coffee.


Large Coffee 

Fresh brewed coffee made with good beans. A buck less when you order food.

$2 or $3


Pop, water, Redbull, Rockstar and Gatorade available

$1.5 – $4

Get yours now


Order your Hot Dogs, chips and coffee. You can have it delivered hot. 

Our FULL menu is available through Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats. Pick your preferred delivery service from the choices below 

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Sample from our menu of gourmet beef hot dogs. We serve FRESH hot coffee too! PRIORITY service for tradespeople on the fly.


Victoria Locations:

Tillicum Centre

Open Mall Hours

Juan de Fuca Swap Meet

Sunday 8am – Noon

(250) 220-9633

Our best  sellers

Classic Chili Dogs

Don’t hold back, get the works on it. Our hot dogs can easily feed a family, or get one HUNGRY person through an entire football game. Don’t forget the pop and chips!

Fresh Hot Coffee

Served HOT and FAST for TRADESPEOPLE on the fly. Basic Large Coffee only $2 when you order food. We brew with great beans too, so, that’s a pretty good deal.

Chili Cheese Combo

Classic chili dog, bag of chips, and a can of pop. A well balanced meal for people who know how to have a good time…  But seriously, our best selling lunch menu item.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

The Hot Dog Guys are very proud of the products we serve. By choosing only the best we feel confident in knowing you’ll be satisfied by the taste and quality of our product every time you order from us.

Selecting the perfect hot dog to serve our customers was a riggorous process that involved a lot of testing and research. Only the finest would do.

Once we selected the finalists for our product, we visited their production facilities and watched the entire process of how our hot dogs are made, from farm to table. We thought our customers would also like to do the same level of research on our products, so we recorded a video of our experience to share with you.

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Visit Our Carts

Visit the official Hot Dog Guys food cart at Juan de Fuca Swap Meet, Sundays 8am – Noon.

Cart Hours

M-F: See FB for events
Sat: See FB for events
Sun: 8am – Noon

Event Booking

(250) 220-9633

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